Budgie Breeding Cages

Once the birdroom is erected, the next thing is the equipment.

The major item is cages, these can be whatever size is wanted, small breeding cages 2′ × 18″ × 18″
or stock cages 3′ × 18″ × 18″.

Nest boxes come in many shapes and sizes and before deciding on the type to use, visit other fanciers first. Nest boxes can be either fitted to the outside or the inside of the cage, whatever preference, the birds don’t seem to mind either. Fresh sawdust is needed inside on the concave.

Depending on immediate budget, utensils can range from small china paste pots or even coffee jar lids. Flowmatic tubes can be used for either seed or water; finger drawers for soft food, grit or any other additives. Large seed hoppers can be used in flights, as can dog bowls for baths and seed; whichever is chosen, try to double up on the utensils so one set can be in use whilst the other is being washed.

Seed needs to be kept in a container that has a tight-fitting lid with it. This will make sure the seed is always fresh and clean. An ideal container can be an empty ice-cream tub that has been thoroughly washed out and dried. In fact all various seeds, drinkers, etc., can be stored in these containers.

Perching can be natural, but a budgie really needs half-inch square (minimum) when breeding.

When the time comes for showing, show cages are needed. These are made to BS regulations and can be purchased from many outlets, or look for some good second-hand ones and refurbish them.

The equipment mentioned is to start off a new beginner to the Clearwing Famcy, and as he/she progresses, so will the equipment, when purcheses of uniform seed dishes, swing bins or dustbins for seed are made. A vacuum cleaner is useful for cleaning out, as is a radio to get birds used to background noise when they are at shows.

Editor’s Note: This article is part of a booklet Welcome to Caring For and Breeding Clearwing Budgerigars used as a welcome to new members of the CBBA and is reprinted by kind permission of that Association.

Copyright © 1997, The Clearwing Budgerigar Breeders Association.

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