Choosing a Budgerigar Aviary

The pleasant chirping of content budgies living in an aviary brings joy to the household. By simulating the natural habitat of these easy-to-raise pets, budgies can thrive in the home environment. A budgerigar aviary offers ample room for owning multiple birds and may also serve as an ideal location to encourage mating and nesting. Budgie aviaries are available in various shapes and sizes but should always contain some basic equipment and features that ensure safety and comfort for the birds.

Choosing the Ideal Budgie Aviary

Because an aviary often demands a larger space than a portable cage, the first decision in choosing the ideal model is to evaluate where it will be placed. There should always be ample room around the aviary to allow air flow and filtered light to enter the enclosure. If the aviary is to be kept outdoors, there should be year-round protection from excessive sun, wind and cold temperatures. The location should be easily visible from the house and far enough away from trees to avoid leaves and branches falling on the cage.

As with other types of smaller cages, budgie aviaries are designed with close enough bar spacing to protect the birds from escaping or getting caught between the wires. The bird aviary should always be fitted with doors that are secure yet allow convenient access for cleaning and feeding. Birds often thrive when living together in an aviary as long as there is sufficient room for each pet to sleep, eat and play comfortably. In an aviary environment, the birds should have room to fly and exercise on both horizontal and vertical bars.

Providing Equipment and Supplies in the Aviary

Installing perches in various sizes and lengths is the first important step when equipping the ideal bird aviary. Using different materials such as rope, wood and concrete helps keep the budgie’s nails trimmed and enables the birds to develop strength. Each aviary should be equipped with water sources such as a water tube and seed or food supply dish, normally attached to the interior of the enclosure. Paper linings help keep the floor of the aviary clean. During winter months or on darker days, a soft light that features automatic or manual dimmers may be a desirable addition to the budgerigar aviary.

Budgies enjoy cuttlebones and seed treats that should be regularly replaced. Having a selection of toys such as bells, rings, ladders and swings provides entertainment for the birds and can be placed in various locations in the aviary. Most birds enjoy taking an occasional bath and will find that a shallow bowl placed in the enclosure is the perfect place to splash.

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Regan Manning February 13, 2012 at 8:40 pm

Hello I have 2 budgies and need a aviary for them my mum has asma and my brothers are on the border line as a budgie owner I adore them and it would kill me to have to get rid of them. I need a aviary which has a bit of space but not to big with a closed of bit inside which can be hanged up please help me find a aviary


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