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Thread: Why has my budgie turned against me ?

  1. #1 Why has my budgie turned against me ? 
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    Hi I have had my budgie for a short while it is hand tame and can be picked up fine but over the last few days it has turned nasty only with me though the kids can still give it a kiss on the beak and it just licks their hands. It used to do that with me but now it just bites lumps out of me it seemed to start all of a sudden it doesnt even step onto my other finger anymore it just attacks it. Just wondering if anyone would have an idea why it would only turn against me as I have done nothing to it and was the one who tamed it etc etc .
    any advice is apreciated

    cheers daz

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    oh my well i have a similar problem my birds go crazy in my aviary when i go in yet when my husband goes in there all calm and jump on him.
    i have had a lot of contact with mine also i hope you get the answers.

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    Wow, that's weird, my mum and dad have a Amazon parrot and he hates men, not only that but I used to be the only one he'd come out of his cage for, but when my boyfriend started coming around the house he would bite me, It's really bizzarre, could it be jealousy? how about bribing with food, or perhaps its the time of day?

    Anyway goodluck and I hope the situation improves

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