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Thread: Experience of Inbreeding-mother to son and father to daughter

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    Just to share my experience and lesson I got this season.
    This season I practice inbreeding b/w mother and son and all attempts were a failure.
    First clutch 6 eggs were laid and only chick hatched and 5 DIS.The chick growth was very slow and died at 65 days old with crop full
    On second round 4 eggs were laid,1st fertile later DIS and 3 infertile.
    In third and final clutch 4 eggs laid again and first egg dead in shell after week and still there is 1 fertile egg with 2 infertile.

    On the other side
    Result b/w Pairing of father and daughter gave me somewhat different result with few clear eggs and 50% hatchlings which r healthy and growing normally.

    Any body suffered the same experience in the past or present,plz share because i know some breeders who inbreed his birds with pairings described above and than use unrelated birds to widen the genes.I have been told that first generation chicks r born normal but problem occures later if we continue to breed related birds with out introducing unrelated blood but attempts r failure on first generation.


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    this does not seem normal to me ?

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    Inbreeding is often met with infertility, for good reasons. It's why the pharaohs of Egypt started producing fewer children, despite having many wives, especially in Akhenaton's reign. I believe he produced all females, because he was mated to his sisters. You might want to branch out a litte, and perhaps go grandfather/granddaughter, or vice versa. Just don't continue inbreeding the resulting chicks from the first inbreeding. You might need to bring in some fresh stock to rejuvenate your bloodlines.
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    Hi Usman keep trying. Without inbreeding no new strains would have been established.

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    what do you mean "new strains?"

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    New color and pattern varieties.
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    Gee whenever I see mating in my aviary occurring between father-daughter, mother-son etc, I want to turn the garden hose on the filthy little buggers! It gets wierd though when you see big Daddy mating with his granddaughter who also is his daughter!!! Urrk, I need a shower and a lie down...

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    lol a similar thing happened to one of my uncles who noticed that father/daughter mated and the daughter layed eggs. He separated them and threw away the eggs. I just think its not worth the complications and health related problems, better to get some new stock in and breed budgies who aren't related.
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