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What to feed my budgies to make them gain weight?

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Thread: What to feed my budgies to make them gain weight?

  1. #1 What to feed my budgies to make them gain weight? 
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    Hope people are not bored yet with my newbie questions ^_^

    What is the most effective and the most healthy to feed my budgies so they gain weight?
    And when to expect visible results?

    I have 3 budgies, 2 are very underweight, I realized that only after I got a third one, I didn't have a good idea about what is normal looking budgie before :/

    Also the 2 budgies that are thin have somewhat pale beaks compared to the third one, whose beak is nice and orange.
    One of the 2 slim budgies also has feathers that look dry and his tail feathers look kind of... I don't know, shorter, and a bit like a brush, like hairs pointing out of tail feathers, I hope I described it right.

    English is not my mother language ;-)

    I suppose it has to do a lot with their diet, so I guess I could use some advice on their best possible diet.

    Thanks a lot,

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    Do you know the weight of your birds? around 34g is ideal, also what are you feeding your birds at the moment? giving millet came make them gain weight but this is very fattening.

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    Soaked groats will add weight to the birds but don't over feed otherwise they will become obese. I feed it to my breeding birds and that keeps the weight on them the whole breeding season.

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    could you post pictures? It sounds like one of them might be going through a moult (the new feathers look like little pins, and the longer tail feathers may have fallen out). Also, some budgies are naturally bigger than others. Three of mine are one size and the fourth one is a total fatty, yet is still the best flyer of the group, and eats the healthiest.

    If they are tame enough, you could feel their chest to help determine if their malnourished. The keel bone (which is where the muscles for the wings attach on the chest) shouldn't stick out beyond the rest of the tissue, but you should be able to feel something there. If you can't feel it on your bigger bird, he is probably overweight.

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