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What to feed Budgies.

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Thread: What to feed Budgies.

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    What do you feed your budgies (vegies&fruits) & how do you get them to eat it? Im really concerened by this because people say they should eat their veggies DAILY and so it makes them live longer.....?

    I have done alot of research but its just back and forth I dont know what to belive. But I do know that we cannot feed them avocado and chocolate but I think we all know that those can poison every animal
    So any tips on how to feed my budgies? and what?


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    You need a good quality budgerigar seed mix, cuttlebone, and a mix of fruits & veg. Start by offering small pieces of new veg, and don't overdo it at first! Fresh seed every day, fresh water every day, clean out the cage regularly. It's really quite easy.

    Here's a couple of links that might be useful to you:
    * Lynne *
    (aka mumsarge and/or Mumsy)

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