I have my first clutch in the box now 15 day oldest 10 days youngest . I have been wondering why they seem small to me and over the last 3 generations why I have been losing size some . Mind i have been working up from American pet quality crest (really small even for Americans so one half of the family is an acceptable size (to me. The other half is exhibition quality (for the NW) crest on a really super light green Opaline hen with a large densely feathered wide round head tapering to yellow contour and flight feathers . She won the best purchased bird at a local club table top judging with some champion breeders coveting her and against many birds I would gladly have paid top dollar for . I got her cheap from a consistent top bench winner as she was 4 yrs old and thought to be finished breeding.

I love rich color so the varieties in the last 3 gens were, I thought:

unkn X unkn.both sides
dk gray green exhib size normal 1/2 crest X dk green Normal/cin(qual. Lg bird)
dk gray green normal tuft crest(Exhib. qual)X light green Opaline(mentioned above)
Dk green normal crest bred cock decent size for crestbred


Sky normal spangle pied crest pet X DEC pet
li green spangle normal (pet)cock X Lt Green Opaline(mentioned above)
lt green spangle Opaline(1/2 size) X dk green Opaline cock(a good long and sizable bird)
light green spangle Opaline hen (qual. if a little small)

both sides carry a single feather pied in the back of the head but I have never produced anything but normals ,Opalines , cinamon gray green single factor dk and lt.and single factor dk greens .The end point birds in the lists above are the parents of a clutch of four.
colors :
1dk green normal , 1 light green spangle 1, mauve spangle , not yet sure if the spangles are oP or N 1 dk green.

they seem to be smaller than i would have expected . they are getting a combination of seed mixed with pellets varied fresh greens and hard boiled egg and sprouted seed bread, olive oil sesame oil prime vitamin mineral amino enzyme probiotic mix and eucalyptus branches leaves and flowers.

the box is lined with aspen and I change it any time i see the chicks with waste sticking to them (and wash the chicks off) .

some of these chicks look to be carrying a slight form of crest that will likely be non visible as adult .
I may be impatient as it has been a long time since i have clutched

I have heard that dk colored birds tend to be smaller (true?)that opalines dilute color that spangles brighten color and we know the crest tends to be smaller.

Question do spangle dk birds get confused for lt birds , ditto opalines ?
Over all, am i compounding genetics that reduce size and what recommendations would be made to increase re: color (obviously i need to get some bigger birds) I will welcome any comments/ suggestions other than dump the crest or the spangle .

Thanks for the input.