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Thread: Help us, Please. Budgie has Growth/Lump.

  1. #1 Help us, Please. Budgie has Growth/Lump. 
    Aranalde Guest
    Our Budgie, Honey (female), is two years old and has had a growth on her right shoulder. This appeared as a bump under feathers initially, but ten days ago I noticed a small drop of blood on her perch. it looked like a sort of abcess/cyst had burst so I took her to the vet immediately.

    As with most vets, they didn't really offer much more than some antibiotic (Baytril) which iIve put in her water. However, she has got more and more irritated and has scratched this lump so much that about five days later it bled quite a lot. It has now scabbed over, and she keeps scratching. the area looks very raw. The growth is not fatty, but seems quite firm. It's now about 1.5-2cm in diameter.

    I've tried new toys, diversions, etc and cannot stop her from scratching. I'm very worried it will never heal/get infected, and don't know what to do. She is eating like a horse, drinking and poo-ing normal, still strong and can fly. She seems irriated by this thing so much though, I'm worried she is causing more damage. It's bled again today - five days since the last bleed.

    experience has taught me most vets will struggle along and not make great progress with this sort of thing. I have located an avian specialist but I cannot afford to pay the fees they are asking. I am reluctant to traumatise Honey travelling to and from vets every other day, with little hope of success.

    Please help us. (1) is it feasible that the wound may heal eventually and she can continue to live normally?; (2) should I consider Euthanasia - I realy don't want to, but is it fair to leave things as they are?; (3) Could I bathe the wound, or will this make it worse?

    Thnaks for taking the time to read this. Any experience/advice will be greatly appreciated.

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    You could try applying a small amount of antibacterial/antiseptic cream to the area. We actually use Betadine to stop infections. Another option could be to tie a bit of string around the base of the lump. This stops the blood supply to it and eventually the lump will fall off. I know some people who have had small successes with this option. Other than that there is not much else you can do other then have it treated by the specialist. The good thing is that the lump is on the wing itself and not attached to the birds body and thus is a positive for treatment. Don't give up just yet.

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    Aranalde Guest
    Thanks for the reply. Much appreciated.

    I won't give up on her whilst she seems otherwise ok. The growth is in fact on her body, on her back sort of, just above the wing. It isnt affecting the wing movement, however.

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    You know, I always thought the car ride would be frightening to birds but all three of my hens actually enjoy the rides. I cover the cage from my apartment to the car and lift up the cover so that they can look out. Then I cover it again going from the car to the vet.

    I've taken my lutino and albino to my dad's house for a visit once and they were terrific. Also one time I took Kitty to my dad's house and she really liked my dad (that IS unusual lol).

    Is this unusual, that my three hens enjoy car rides?

    P.S. Aranalde, you've come to the right place. Good luck with your bird and keep us posted.
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    Aranalde Guest
    Thanks, Mindy. know what you mean about the car rides - Honey really does like to travel. It's the whole handling, being continuously poked and prodded that seems to distress her.

    Each UK vet that we've taken our various budgies to really do not seem that helpful. I hope you fare better in the States.

    This is a fantastic forum. I've learned more on here in the last 24 hours than I have done from any vet.

    Honey asked me to say Hi to you all and thanks you for your help. She seems ok this morning. I just want the wound the heal, and stop bleeding, as it looks so sore. in the last 24 hours there has only been a small discharge of fluid, so fingers crossed......

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    It sounds as though it could be one of a couple of different things; either a feather cyst, or a tumour. I am familiar with tumours as my budgie Skyla had developed one under her wing. It kept growing so we decided to have her wing amputated. Yes it sounds drastic, but she lived a happy life with only one wing until she developed a second tumour near her tail feathers which eventually decreased her quality of life significantly.

    Please don't euthanize your budgie until you notice that the quality of life is deteriorating. I was faced with possibly euthanizing Skyla and just didn't know if it was time. I figured that when she was having more bad days than good ones, then it was time. I never had to make that choice as she unfortunately passed away on the way home from a vet visit just before Christmas.

    Anyway, I am hoping it is simply a feather cyst. Regardless of what it is, if she picks at it, you will probably want to keep her from doing so as much as you can. My budgie Skyla would pick at her tumour near her tail and it would bleed quite a bit so we had a collar put on her (it wasn't a cone like the ones you see on a dog for example, but rather a clear plastic thing that snaps on around their neck). It took her a few days to get used to it, but then she didn't even notice it was there all that much.

    Please let us know how your little budgie is doing.
    Proud owner of two budgies: Aries, Gracie
    Remembering Apollo (my first ever budgie), Skyla (my one-winged wonder) and Kiwi (my "little big boy")

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    Aranalde Guest
    Honey is at peace. It is with great sadness that we had to take her to the vet to be put to sleep.

    We bathed her yesterday and, noticed immediately that a second growth had developed on her breast. It was a growth beneath the skin, definately not a cyst/abcess, and she was able to pick an pull at the edge of it with her beak. It was as big as the first growth (about 2cm diameter)She was clearly distressed and spending most of her time self-mutilating.

    We sought vetinary advice straight away, and the vet agreed that the condition was beyond help. Both growths had developed within two weeks - very, very aggressive tumours he confirmed.

    She was no longer herself, not chirping for the past few days, and was spending all of her time awake scratching, picking and pulling at the two tumours. She did not deserve that quality of life, a view endorsed by the vet.

    She was only two years old............

    Thank you all so much for your concern and kind words, which is most comforting. My heavy heart is lifted by the thought of her now preening her partner Biscuit in budgie heaven, finally rid of her trauma.

    Thank you again.

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    RIP Honey.

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    I'm so sorry to hear about Honey. You know we have a new forum called "Fields of Millet" if you want to tell us about your beloved budgie's life. xx

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    sorry to hear about honey RIP...

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    Aranalde Guest
    Thank you all again.

    I have learned so much from this forumand from people who, put quite simply, love the socks off thier animals.

    As Honey would say to me frequently, keep the millet supply running.......!

    Best wishes to all of you and your feathered friends.

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    I am so sorry to hear of your loss......RIP Honey

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    Just to add to the resource- I had a bird in his teens who had a growth on his back which was not bothering him and which he chewed when under stress and lost alot of blood and was successfully removed under anaesthetic at the PDSA in Sheffield GB who went on to live years longer and appeared to die of heart failure with no other signs of disease or illness a good time later. So it would appear they can be benign, and removed. Unfortunately I now have a 3yr old healthy, active albino hen who has a 1cm by 0.5 cm lump on her back so am trawling the web for advice/experience (before a stressfull visit to vets)-any posted gratefully received. I thought they were largely age related-like moles. NB. A budgie had its wing removed?! -Blimey!

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    Hi Gemma, I hesitate to post this as I am not sure that it will help you - I had a hen that was about two years old, came into the living room one morning to find her beak and legs covered in blood. She wasn't fighting with her partner so I managed to catch her for a look and found what appear to be a protrusion from her vent that she had scratched and pecked. 'Phoned the vet who said bring her straight away, he thought it was a prolapse and needed to operate with no guarantee of success. It turned out to be a growth on her vent which was successfully removed - only problem after was that she couldn't poo! I was advised to administer liquid paraffin (rather traumatic as the hen hated being handled) it worked! The bird was fine for another year (occassional problems pooing) then to my absolute horror she started laying eggs in the bird bath (it was empty) so I got her a nest box for comfort and hoped she would stop laying soon.

    Unfortunately, the egg laying must have triggered another growth (or it was already there) and her rear end swelled up - straight to the vets again. She had antibiotics and fluid was drawn off the growth. I took her back to the vets several times for more fluid to be drawn off - they didn't want to operate. She remained active and happy for several months, but eventually the growth overwhelmed her and she died during the night before the operation.

    I still wonder if I should have had her put to sleep a few months earlier, but as a friend said - animal (inc. birds) don't sit about thinking and worrying about their health like we do, they are either well or not.

    Good luck with your hen.

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    So sad that your Honey was in such a bad way. My brother has a cockatiel that had a lump on one of it's wings. The best option in his case was for the vet to remove the part of the wing with the lump. It left the bird flightless, but the only other option was to have it put down. Note to everyone: You need to see an avian vet about things like this and let him/her tell you what your options are.
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