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    I've had my two male budgies for over 6 months now (bought from Pets at Home) and they are still as scared and timid as they were the day I bought them. They seem quite happy with themselves and get on really well together. They make a heck of a racket sometimes but they will not come near me and hide in the corner of the cage whenever I open the door. I've tried all the usual things of talking to them, trying to get them to take food from my hand but they will have none of it. I must admit it is quite disappointing and I am so envious of the folks whose birds hop about all over them and perch on their fingers. I doubt mine are going to change. Is there any hope? Nevertheless I will persevere but just wish they weren't so timid.
    Thanks. Ian

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    i know the feeling. we dont know the age of any of our birds, had them for a few months, and none of them are tame. they wait on the other side of their cages whenever we put our hands, and then behave normally when we're done. we have a pair breeding at the moment (1 egg and counting!) and we're hoping to to have the chicks, if any, fully tamed. i love seeing the photos of birds sitting happily on thier owners hands, fingers crossed we can post pics of ours doing just that! all i can think is, keep on trying, Ian. best of luck!

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    Took me about six months to get this far!

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    i ve had the same problem one or two years ago when i had two budgies.They played together but when i went near them they were scared every time.So i was bored of that and i thought to give those budgies to my grandma and so i did.Now i ve realised that if u want to train a budgie to hop on the hand and eat from your hand you need to get only one budgie and practice everyday with it.Now i have Polly he is very clever and im proud of him i can let him out of cage all day without any fear.I hope u will tame those budgies and be happy

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    so glad you posted this thread. your case is the same as mine. ive had mine for 7 months and still are not tame, thought seem happy in the cage. A BIG TIP TO HELP YOU IS TO PUT THE MILLET SPRAY AT THE VERY FRONT OF THE CAGE. this way they have to come to the front to get it, so they arn't as scared. worked very well for me so i beg you to try it.

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    Thanks for that and Addzy, I'll try that with the millet (which they go nuts for). It's usually put near the place they hide, so I'll try and put it at the front of the cage! Cheers. Ian

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    2,886 could also try clicker training for birds. Just search this forum for more information. There are videos on Youtube too - it is used on dogs, donkeys, and there is one where it is used with a fish!!
    I have had good results with clicker training. One of my birds was outside before I got her and very scared. She stopped having panic attacks and comes to my hand for millet now. My second bird follows the target stick and is doing little tricks.

    Good luck,


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    will give it a go

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    I have 2 birds. They are 4 & 3 years old. Both hens. They were rescue birds that had never been handled by a human in all their lives.

    The birds were rescued from an apartment of a mentally handicapped man. He was a collector. A bird Collector, simular to a cat collector, the lovely elderly people who have a house with 60 or more cats in it ?

    Well this fellow picked up birds of any kind. Mostly found outside .... injured & sick birds. He brought them back to his 1 bedroom apartment & housed them all in one bedroom. No cages. They all stood on shelves & dressers or wardrobes. He had wild seagulls, crows, blue jays, robins, & starlings all in this room with about 9 budgies & a couple of tiels.

    They all ate off the floor. He gave them old bread & some seeds. It's a wonder these birds lived as long as they did.

    He lived in this bizarre state for over 6 years & never cleaned up the mess of the poop or feathers. The apartment smelled really bad. And neighbors complained often.

    FINALLY ... the poor man collapsed & was taken to hospital. In the meantime the Health board was called to the hospital & they were told, the man was infected with common bird lice, mites & worms eating his skin alive. They asked that the Health Board review the mans living conditions.

    The man confessed he had a few budgies in his apartment.

    The Health Board went to the apartment & it was said the HB Employees who entered the apartment were instantly ill from the smell.

    They said you could smell the stench of high ammonia in the hallway outside his unit.

    Before they opened the door to the bedroom, they were very much aware there was not going to be a FEW budgies in there. The sounds from outside the doorway was scary.

    Hundred of birds were destroyed. They were diseased & in horrible condition.

    The apartment was cleaned out & the entire unit was torn down to the foundation so it could be rebuilt. New walls, floors, electrical & plumbing. Everything was infected in the apartment...cupboards, doors, walls were pulled down. It was rebuilt. Fresh.

    In the meantime ... a local shelter had jumped in & said let us rehab what birds that have a chance. I offered to house & treat the budgies. I have a good friend who runs a Shelter & she new I would do my best with these poor birds.

    I got 6. I ended up with only the 2 hens I have now surviving. 4 needed to be put down after a few weeks with me. They could not be saved.

    The man who had all these birds told the Shelter he had the budgies for more then 2 years. He had never touched them with his hands they were never tame.

    One of the hens can scream like a Seagull. She is really good at immitating larger birds. I call her screaming Eagle at times. She was so bad & loud my neighbors were upset at the noise this little bird could make.

    Why am I prattling on about this you may ask ? Well it all came down to training.

    These older budgies were in my hands to be cared for. After 9 months of putting my hand in the cage & working with them daily ... I only made the oldest hen come to me. She is fine today & comes to me & is social & playful.

    The other hen ... I call her Weebil ... I wanted to cry from the terror this poor bird experienced with me when I put my hand in the cage.

    I was about to give up.

    I didn't ... I read a story about someone called the BIRD WHISPERER.

    I don't recommend people to do what this man does. He trains birds in less then 1 hour. But he swarms the bird & prevents it from moving & he forces the bird to focus entirely on him & overwhelms the bird by doing this.

    I read the articles & saw videos of this on YOUTUBE & thought I'd give it a try.

    I am a softy at heart. I had the Weebil in my hands while I sat in a chair with her & held her as she gnawed at me over & over & shredded my fingers & hands. 45 minutes later .. me still holding the little bird with a big mouth .. I was talking softly to her & whispering & touching her head. She was moving her head to accomodate my touching her. Within an hour Weebil was lying in my hand on her back with her body limp & relaxed & enjoying me stroking & rubbing her tummy.

    She was a different bird in 2 hours. I trained her to step up & by the time I walked her to the cage to place her in I was teary eyed & crying.

    I reached her.

    I was sure she was going to be okay.

    And the next day I walked up to the cage & thought here it is. The moment of truth ... DID this bird learn anything ? Is she going to respond from me or run away & panic when I put my hand in there ?

    I opened the door & said hello & placed my hand in the cage & said hey baby ... Step up ! & she did.

    She didn't hesitate. She hopped up & came out of the cage where I praised her & gave her such positive attitude & love thru my voice.

    For weeks after I would continue to work with Weebil individually. I took her from the room to a quite room in the house. I made sure she couldn't see or hear her cage mate. We trained while I allowed her to walk all over my shoulders & body. She would preen my finger nails & now tries to mate with my thumb.

    One of the most interesting things about her is that since this training happened. The other bird Saucy Face has been more attentative & responsive too. The Weebil now plays with toys, she never went near them before. She is a whole new bird who is more receptive to a better life. She isn't afraid anymore & will often challenge her cage mate when the other bird was obviously king of the cage.

    They are wonderful birds really. I love them dearly. I was really happy to see this work out for me. I don't say you should run out & try this on your birds.

    You have nice young birds, less then a year old. Yes sure ... they are afraid, but they are not impossible to train. You just have to be determined & know what you are doing. You have to really give effort to doing this. Get thru to the bird & teach it to trust you.

    You can train 2 birds, but you have to separate them to train them. You will get results. But let me tell you ...

    IT TAKES DEDICATION & TIME ... if you work with them one day & then don't do it the next day & then train them the 3rd day & miss 2 days on the weekend because you would rather watch TV or be with friends ... forget it ... IT WILL NEVER WORK.

    Steady daily training is needed ... daily ... sometimes 3 or more times a day.

    For months on end. Then & only then will you have the birds you say you want.

    Good luck to what you chose. It's not up to the birds. It's all up to YOU.

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