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Did my Budgie have strokes?

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Thread: Did my Budgie have strokes?

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    Darwen - England
    I have had two or three budgies in my family as a child and once bought one for my oldest son years ago.

    The one we bought was from a pet shop who told us he buys the budgies from a local breeder. But within a couple of weeks of having the budgie he would fall of his purch and into the bottom of his cage with his head tilted to one side and trying to walk, as if he was having a stroke down one side and trying to walk... he would make little churping noised also like little squiels. I used to feel so sorry for him. He would be like that for about 10 mins or so before he would jump back onto the purch as if nothing had happened. After his attack (or whatever you want to call them) he would remain quiet for about a further 5-10 mins. This would happen about 4-5 times within 12 months but became more reqular before he passed at only 2-3 years old.

    Just out of interest I was just wondering if anyone had any idea what it was that was wrong with him.

    I would love to have another budgie but seeing this little one like this has put me of having another budgie.


    X X X

    P.S I did mention this to the guy in the petshop who told me it was common in budgies from breeders.
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    Karen, Budgies are very prone to having strokes, it sounds like what happend, Thats just one of the risks we take in owning Budgies, with the 75 or so I've had there have been a few who have had strokes, but continue to give your birds the best life you can and don't let it discourage you from getting new Budgies. Strokes happen with birds from breeders or petshops, or birds you breed at home, it really does not matter where the bird comes from. Diet and exercise can be important, but even with proper diet and exercise bad things still happen (just like with us humans)

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    good explaintion RYAN

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    i have owned a budgie (one of a few) for 8 years now. he has been experiencing mini strokes since he was a year old. it always occurs after he flies around. he will fly in circles and he will go blind and keep flying and i have to call to him and he will try and find me and ill catch him and put him on the bottom of his cage.. he is blinded and paralyzed on one side of his body. it probably happens once every 6 months. a few minutes later, he gets up, fluffs himself and sneezes, and acts normal again. however, tonight, for the first time, (he is 8 years old - old man), he freaked out in his cage. the paralysis lasted 20 minutes long which is very unusual. he is okay now, but i have a feeling this is the beginning of the end for him.

    but, to answer your question, i've had a very happy bird for a good 8 years and it is absolutely worth it! (and, i bought him from a pet store. and also, that guy doesn't know what he's talking about because most pet stores get their budgies from breeders.)

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    It was extremely difficult to find a very fast answer as to why my budgie who is 3 years old had paralysis on the left side. Constant twitching for 6 hours, and still going. She has was also making a strange tiny chirping sound. Every 2 - 3 munutes she would pull her head very hard to the left and her tiny tongue would come out from her beak a little on the side. Her left eye didn't stay open as much as the other. I tried giving her a bit of glucose on a toothpick, and a few eyedroppers of water.
    Well, now its pretty late for her to be awake. I put her in a quiet room and covered the cage with a blanket. She was still trying to walk around on the bottom, but would just go in circles almost walking over her tail. She would fall to the left, and pull to the right as to not fall over. All I can do is hope she'll be alive and better tomorrow morning. She is now just sitting on the bottom. Quietly! Poor thing. I cried so much cause I know the vet would just charge me $150.00 and put her to sleep to end her suffering. I didn't take her cause I would fall on the ground in tears. I hope everyones budgies are all ok. They are amazing little friends.

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    This is a classicsymptom of heavy metal poisoning , this could be the result of just licking cage bars or metal bells

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    She didn't dye overnight. She's just sitting on the bottom of the cage with not a peep to be heard. A tiny bit of a twitch on the same side which has the strength of her little breath. Will she survive? She did like to sit on her perch and grab the side of her metal swing and pull it to one side and watch it go back and forth. Hopefull again.... a little!

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