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Thread: Help please, i think my Budgies may have mites.

  1. #1 Help please, i think my Budgies may have mites. 
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    i have noticed bold spots on 2 of them, i do hav 4. . Long story, love them all, the 2 came from a pet shop. They are both 5 months old, my youngest 1 month, My eldest 2 yrs, rescued from a very small empty cage frm someone who used 2 shut him in a room on his own, got food whenever they could be botherd. He was my first, had him 3 months, now he has a big family .

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    Spray the budgies with Johnson's anti-mite spray - from the pet shop. Thoroughly wash their cage with hot water and washing up liquid, scrubbing right into the corners in case any mites or eggs are lurking and replace the perches.

    If you hold the budgies and gently part the feathers, looking under the wings etc, you should be able to see if there are mites moving about.

    Another reason why you might see blood spots on a budgie is if it has new feathers coming through and the bird has knocked the quills or another bird has pecked at the quills (they are full of blood). Or the budgies might have just had a bit of a tiff and pecked each other a bit too hard.
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