Grey Greens

Grey Greens, because they are among the best birds seen on the show bench, receive the most attention from breeders whose ambition is to win best in show awards, irrespective of colour. But, even the most ambitious breeders don’t like to breed too many Grey Greens, so they are regularly paired to Greens, Blues and Greys.

Historically, this has not had an adverse effect on the colour, and others have benefited into the bargain. Grey Greens, like Light Greens, can benefit from being mated to Opalines, but many champions keep only the best Opaline hens for this purpose. Opaline cocks are rarely used unless they are outstanding. Opalescent markings affect Grey Greens as much as they do other Normals so great care needs to be taken when selecting a breeding team. The golden rule should be: if any Normals show opalescent markings, discard them.

Original text: Copyright 1997, Brian Byles

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