Make sure your bird is safe from disinfectants

While chlorine bleach is a fine disinfectant for perches, cages, toys, nest boxes, etc., one must be very careful to rinse all the bleach off before putting the equipment back into use.

Chlorine bleach is toxic to birds. How can one be sure all the bleach is gone? And what does one do when the bleach smell won’t go away?

In the aquarium section of pet shops, one can buy dechlorinators, products that take the chlorine out of water to make the water safe for fish. Dechlorinator, when used to rinse bleached items, will remove the chlorine smell and excess chlorine left over from the bleach. When you add dechlorinator to your rinse water, be sure to add more than is recommended on the bottle: you want enough to dechlorinate the rinse water plus some dechlorinator left over to work on the bleached equipment. I’d recommend tripling the dosage.

This trick works for bleached aquarium equipment, and for taking the smell out of bleached clothing, too.

Original text Copyright Nancy Carr

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